Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Wordless Wednesday ~ My favorite soccer player

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Wordless Wednesday ~ enjoying the summer

Monday, July 16, 2012

School district and talented teachers

Today I learn that my son's teacher was let go from our school district. I am referring to a very special person and a excellent teacher. This exceptional person was my daughter's teacher for 4 years as well as my son’s teacher for 2 years. She taught my daughter how to read; and so many others skills that have changed my daughter's life forever. This Teacher saw my daughter's potential and constantly push her forward. I know this person have touch my kids life in such a positive way.
As happy as we were when we learned that my daughter was taken in to our district along with her teacher; nowwe sadly learned that this teacher is not longer working with our kids.  
This is sad because we though she would be my son's teacher next school season. Sadly, this kind of situations are happening very often where districts waist theses talented teachers. Those teachers that intent to push the districts to give the best for the student and use existent resources to the fullest they find themselves without job, Just likethey were doing something wrong when the funding are there.
This king of situations show one more time how districts instead of use this talent to improve the education of our children toward a higher level they get rid of them as a stone in their shoes.
ask to myself what we can do as a parent regarding this issue. Which are our options? After all these kind of decisions affects the life of our kids directly. Aren't we the taxpayers? Who is going to tell me this is the best decision toward the education of my child or that the new teacher is better than the one that is living?
Not only these teacher is good teaching the kids but also training others teachers in her lunch time, trying to get her colleagues to understand better students with special needs. This is also a huge gap on the education system.
I know there are more teachers like her with little or not support from superiors, and unfortunately often timessome districts suck their good energy out of them leaving them exhausted.
Ultimately, I personally do not want to sound negative. I want to push all the parents to advocate for our children.To consider being part of the Child Study Team and participating in our children's I.E.P. When we get active in our school, supporting the education of our children not only we are helping them, but we are also helping thewhole district get better. All parties can benefit from participating and helping.
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