Tuesday, May 22, 2012


Finally I can said I am done with my four I.E.P. (individual education plan) for this year! For different reason 4 of my kids have a I.E.P.
In spring and beginning of summer is I.E.P. season because the Child Study Team (C.S.T.) needs to plan  for the next school year.
For me this time of the year is a little bit overwhelming due to the pressure that I have to assure the best for everyone of my kids.
I have to confess that is a little bit intimidating too because every time is a new child study team member or a issue that I have to address. My voice in the meeting is my kids voice and the better the I.E.P. more chances that the student have to succeed.
Every year The Child Study Team formulate a new I.E.P. base on the old I.E.P goals that have not meet or new goals that are appropriate for each child and his individual situation. Let say an appropriate goal is to learn to tied shoes for a 6 o 7 years old kid is normal, but if the student have a motor skill delay probably is not a realistic goal.
Every year there are different situation too like in my family one of my kids was sick a lot so he miss a lot of school days and could not meet all the goal, other of my kids was in a new school so the  I.E.P. was base in her adaptation to the new environment.
For so many reason the goal have to be a realistic as possible and most important as individual as possible.
For each I.E.P. meeting I tray to prepare myself the best I can. For me this meeting are very important because they defind the next year.
I recommend:
  1. Try to rest well the night before not only we look better but also we can be more concentrate and focus better
  2. Make a list with the needs of our child, it can be academics or not academics,learn to cross the street, need one on one ratio teacher etc.
  3. make a list with the strength and talents of our child, "peter enjoy music",is very good in sports, etc.
  4. Be Positive and stay positive during the meeting, stay open to their recommendations.
I consider very important to let the C.S.T. any special situation for the next year like a moving, important trip or surgery, any important event  that we are planing in that way they can help our child in the process.
Avoid to make this mistake : I want this or that for my child, or I have the right to....The correct way to speak would be I think my child need or My child right is...The reason I mention is because we have to remanning ourself that the district have the obligation to provide free and quality education for the child not to the parents.
I have done that mistake too we get emotional and that is not the best way to advocate for our kids.
Best of all relax! the I.E.P. are review once a year or as needed.
The best you can do is inform yourself I recommend S.P.A.N. thy provide trying and support for parents and educators.
This are only recommendation base on my own experience.Inform yourself before to take an important decision. Contact me with any question.
Count with me!
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