Friday, March 18, 2011

Something is not right ? Letʼs find out!

One day you might start to wonder if your child’s behavior, or development  is normal either because you have not seen this in other kids or just because you have the feeling that this is not quite right. Even to think that something might be wrong is frightening, I know, but
act quickly and be positive. I am sure you know your childʼs strength as well.
One way to go is through your pediatrician share your concern with him/her. As he sees
the symptoms he May order an evaluation , and will provide you the referrals your child may need.
The other way to go is through your school district.
If your child is 3 years old already or is about 90 days to his/her 3th birthday contact The Child Study Team of your school district.
The best way to do it is sending a letter including your child’s name, date of birth and your concerns. If you donʼt write in English you can write it in your native language, no problem.
Make it simple, date it  and describe the issues and all your concerns, sign it and make a copy for yourself to keep it in your records. If It’s possible I recommend you use certified Mail just in case his gets “lost”.
If your child is younger than 3 years old you have to contact Early Child Intervention in your County. Write a letter as I mentioned before.
Both the school District and E.C.I.(Early child Intervention) have to contact you within 20 days to make an appointment to discuss the issues and start an evaluation.
When they contact you let them Know if you need a translator .
Sometimes the child is already in school and he is having some issues, and as good as the teacher can be , if your child is struggling contact the child Study team, by writing a letter, calling May be not enough.
You have to go both ways, private (through your doctor) or to the school district .If you have the chance to make two evaluations , let me tell you a second opinion doesn't hurt.
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Friday, March 11, 2011

Count with me

My name is Laura. I am the mother of 5 kids and I know how challenging it is to have a special child, I have been in this journey for many years as I not only have one but two kids with autism.
When you know you have a special child the responsibility is even heavier, it is very overwhelming, you have to go through many feelings that you don't understand. Nobody is ready for this not even if you are a doctor or a educator not even a psychologist. Even if you are just beginning this"journey" you may be already tired, confused and feeling depressed. If you are there, guess what? you are not alone. Count with me.
When I look back I see myself trying to do all I could, literally, sleeping so little, being "super mom" when there is no such thing, I totally forgot about myself and this is not healthy, besides who wants a stressed mother?  I was wrong. Anyways if you have to go through all this you have to know that you are not alone, there are a  lot of resources  that you can relay on, and more important of all is that as special and unique your child is, so are you, and you are about to become someone even better than you thought you can be . Let me be your friend,  I'll walk with you through this journey , I want to hear from you! Join me!
If you are like me and have been here for a while we have so many things in common and we can share resources, advises, experiences and good tips that would make our life easier and more joyful.
                                                           My husband Claudio and me